Where’s Waldo?

Today, once again, I am sharing another image from my families recent trip to Disney. Can you find the person in this image? It shouldn’t be that difficult but the people at Animal Kingdom have done a masterful job of camouflage in this attraction. My family and I were floored by the appearance of this entertainer clad in what can only be called a “gilli” suit on stilts. She blended in so well until I pointed her out, my family did not see her or was even aware there was someone in the trees! The young lady later walked amongst the children present, who were in awe by what appeared to be a walking tree!

Sunshine State

Recently we had the opportunity to visit The Sunshine State (aka Florida). Of course Disneyland was our main objective, but I did want to share our resort with all of you. The reason I chose this resort initially was due to the striking pictures provided in the advertisements. Once we arrived I realized that they weren’t just well taken pictures, this is what it really looks like!

What a beautiful view, and after all of our flight delays and drama it came as a welcome sight. As expected our overall trip was wonderful and the great people at Disney made sure of that. If you have not had the opportunity to make this trip I highly recommend it. Especially if you have children, it will be a memory not soon to be forgotten!