Recently my family and I had the opportunity to visit the newly inaugurated 911 Memorial. I feel very fortunate to be able to visit this hallowed ground so soon after being opened.

Overall, the feeling is as expected somber. However, I cannot help but feel the area is also very calming and, dare I say, suggests a new beginning. The overwhelming amount of water certainly supports that feeling. The architecture is stunning and does a great job of representing those lost as well as the new beginning which is apparent by the unfinished Freedom Tower.

I highly suggest a visit if you can obtain tickets, please visit the 911 Memorial website.

The Wish

These past couple of weeks has been filled with a lot of emotion for my family and I. There have been several milestones reached, including my daughters first day of school. I thought I would share this image with you as it is one of my favorites and evokes a lot of sentiment. I call it “The Wish”:

I often wonder what she is thinking. How does she feel? Does she think I’m a good Daddy? In this image however, I can only ask, what did she wish for? Was it a toy, a puppy, world peace? I might never know and that’s okay, because my wife and I instructed her not to tell anyone. It is her secret wish and should be held close to her heart.

While this secret desire might never be shared with me I do have a wish for my daughter. That is for her to love. Love everything you do, love the people you are with. Show your emotions when you deem it necessary, because you may not have another chance to do it. This life is very complicated, but much more enjoyable when you truly love. I am a person full of emotion and I know I am more interesting when I am capable of showing that emotion. Unfortunately, society often makes me stifle that side of my personality. I want my daughter to be stronger than I, and not have to withhold anything. It is true, emotion makes you vulnerable, but without failure there is no progress, without risk there is no reward and without love there is no life. This is my wish for my daughter, but this one is not a secret and as soon as I feel she can understand it I will share it with her!

Calle Ocho

Recently I had the opportunity to visit and photograph a wonderful venue, the recently relocated Calle Ocho restaurant on the upper west side of manhattan. Calle Ocho has been a fixture of the New York restaurant scene for many years and those who frequent it know about its famous Sangria selection.

Calle Ocho’s new digs are impressive to say the least, still maintaining their overall aesthetic of Cuban/Latino inspiration. The walls are clad in references to Cuba and the Latino culture in general. Due to the inviting staff and welcoming ambience you forget this space is located in the lobby of the prestigious Excelsior Hotel, steps from the Museum of Natural History.

Let’s face it though without the food this would just be a great place to be seen. Let me say that the food is equally as impressive as the new space. Some of my favorites are the bacon wrapped dates with shaved almonds (appetizer), arepa con ropa vieja (appetizer), costillas (entrée), vanilla flan (dessert). This combination of dishes was full of flavor and completely satisfying. Portions are adequate and presentation makes your mouth water. While Calle Ocho is recognized for its sangria selection, I preferred the mojito, which was expertly created.

I will let the images speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed my fare.


So I have been struggling trying to figure out what to share with all of you and then realized that I had a slew of images I hadn’t posted anywhere! My first entry coincidentally celebrates his first birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday Nicholas.

The next two are some of my favorite subjects. They often play together and are an endless source of priceless images!

Great subjects help to make great images! Thank you to all of my guinea pigs.