I am truly a fortunate person. For the second time in a week my work has been featured for public viewing. Today I present you with the updated Calle Ocho restaurant site with photographic contributions from yours truly! My work can be seen on the reservation, private events, and the much coveted HOME PAGE! Wow, I am riding very high right now friends! Many thanks to ownership, management, and the lovely staff from Calle Ocho for making this possible.

Please view the newly updated Calle Ocho restaurant website.

Feature Presentation

I am very proud to announce after much waiting some of Machareimages photos have been chosen to be featured in a major retail store. These images will be placed in a prominent area of the retail store in question for all customers to view. I am so honored and thankful to those responsible for making this possible (Oscar pun intended). In all sincerity I am very happy some of my images were chosen for this honor. While I cannot mention the company’s name here suffice to say it is very well known and the images will have a significant amount of exposure. Please view the selected images below.