Lions and Tigers and Polar Bears?

On a recent Sunday my daughter and I had some alone time to visit the Bronx Zoo. It was one of those unusually warm days we have been experiencing here in the Northeast and we took advantage of it. I’m not sure if this little outing was more for her or me. However, it was nice to have a day where I was not making life altering decisions!

In any case my daughter was very focused on visiting the polar bears and I couldn’t understand why, but I pretty much allowed her to direct me on this day, so I didn’t object. Once we arrived at the viewing area I did inquire as to the motivation behind the visit. She told me that she promised mommy she would say hi to the polar bears because they are her (my wife’s) favorite and she had a prior engagement therefore, could not join us. I gave her a big hug and a kiss because I felt this was such a sweet gesture.Kids never cease to amaze!



As I mentioned on it has been a very eventful few weeks. My family and I purchased a new home and have moved in, well, kind of. Why kind of? I think I might need a whole day to fully explain that, but least to say we have had to deal with many restrictions and are doing our best to complete our transition. We haven’t had much time to explore our new surroundings but on a recent morning I found myself with 10 free minutes! Yay! Having my camera handy I decided to share an image of my new neighborhood. This post is called change because just as the season and the trees are changing so are our surroundings. Change is something to embrace and sometimes change can be as beautiful as these trees. We are all still acclimating but are sure it is the best move for us as a family. Hopefully now almost fully assimilated I can once again be consistent with my posts. Enjoy.