My Favorite Time of Year

Christmas and New Year’s are my favorite holidays! I have been insanely busy in the past few weeks and have not felt “into it” at all. However, we are now finally settling into our new space and life has become manageable again. It is now time to sit back and enjoy this time of year for the beauty that it really is. I know most people think of this season as gifts and shopping etc. I prefer to think of it as the time when family and close friends come together to share some time. It seems extra special when you can gather during “The Holidays” for some reason. In our family it means getting dressed up (which I love), eating special food, some spirits, and late nights. As a kid the late nights were a real treat, today it’s more about the entire experience, especially since my daughter came along. Giving her some of the more traditional experiences has become a primary goal for my wife and I. Hopefully she remembers it when she grows into obnoxious adolescence. Personally, I love contributing to the foods and have begun to incorporate my take on the traditional dishes (psst.. some of these can be seen at

The image you have here is one that I feel embodies the feelings I have for the season. Everyday I am discovering more beautiful areas in our new neighborhood and this is another view I came across recently. Unfortunately, this is not the entrance to our home, but it is a great example of simple effective tasteful decoration. All too often people get wrapped up in the opulent and over doing the entire event. My opinion sometimes less is more folks, the Holidays don’t need to throw up on your home for people to know that you take the Holidays seriously. So to the tasteful person who decorated this building my hat is off to you and Happy Holidays!

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