So it’s been several weeks since moving into our new home. While to a certain extent we are “moved in” we still have some emotional hurdles to overcome. It’s not easy to uproot your life no matter how far or near that move might take you. I realize now how emotional a change it really is, especially for kids. I guess this is one of the main reasons my parents didn’t do much of it.

Our belongings are now here and for the most part in their semi permanent locations, but we still have some details to work out. Of course there are still the ongoing projects that loom over our heads, every weekend we try to cross something else off the list. It does seem like an insurmountable list however! All the more reason to try to make it feel a little more normal and  customary for my family during this transitional period. I went ahead and purchased some flowers a few days ago. Flowers were pretty much a staple at our old place where they always seemed to bring life to the space no matter what kind they were.

I must admit when choosing colors for our home I did have my photography in mind and wanted to have a neutral background so many greys can be found in and around our place. I think in this image that background really helped to make the flowers and lamp pop.

Tulips don’t cost much but they do a world of good for the mind. Next time I’ll get daisies, it has been said they are the happiest flower. Not a bad feeling to evoke daily. Buy some flowers today for no other reason than they look and smell nice. Believe me you will notice the difference.

Perez the Mouse “Raton Perez”

Having kids really does change everything, not to mention your perspective on life. Every “first” event is such an event and has caught, me at least, by surprise. Maybe we make it an “event” but I think that’s part of the fun of having kids. I think my wife and I do a fare job of making these events memorable for our daughter. Recently we were tested with the  loss of a first tooth. My daughter had a loose tooth for several days and I guess, we simply assumed we would know what to do when the tooth finally fell out. I think secretly both of us kind of took it for granted that one day it would fall out! Thank God for the internet, after some research we discovered the perfect way to memorialize this most recent chapter in our lives.

When that fateful day finally arrived our daughter was so excited because she knew the tooth fairy would leave her some money in place of her tooth that night as she slept. We also mentioned to her the Latin equivalent of the Tooth Fairy which is Perez the Mouse or Raton Perez, which I suppose responds from our parents side of the family? Not quite sure and we didn’t exactly explain all the details to our daughter either. Anyway, in our daughters case the fairy did actually write her a note as well as leaving some money. We did have a great laugh when the letter accidentally fell under her bed and she could not find it or the money contained therein. She was very concerned as to why her tooth was gone and there was no money!? After some searching she discovered the prize and was very pleasantly surprised to find the tooth fairies correspondence. While she doesn’t fully comprehend the value of money she knows having more of it is better… Not a bad philosophy but I think we need to clarify some. Soon baby, soon.