Cynthia Ross Affairs

When Cindy contacted me to help in the updating of her website I was ecstatic. Having worked with her in the past and knowing her personality I knew that we would have a great time, I was right. Cindy was willing to give into my vision for her and I think it paid off big. We had a great, albeit chilly, afternoon in the Meatpacking District of NYC. We made the most of the day and were able to obtain some wonderful results. Cindy was her usual accommodating self and therefore it made the shoot all the more rewarding and pleasurable. Thank you so much for being a great subject and so photogenic Cindy. I know you will love your images and I am sure they will enhance your updated site.

Cynthia Ross Affairs has been extraordinary at planning events over the past several years. Cindy’s company manages all facets of events and does it with the most courteous of manners. I highly recommend her and her company to anyone looking for an event planner. Please visit her site at


Recently we had a visitor. My daughter had a “playdate” from a friend in her class whom she insists on calling by the wrong name. Not sure why, but even when we try to correct her she says no, I call her this! It’s close enough that we feel she now does it out of principal rather than malice. In any case, “Julian” as my daughter calls her is cute as a button and has a ton of energy. Her time with us was great especially watching both of them try to keep up with “Just Dance 3”. Neither fared very well and there were some disagreements as to what should be the next selection. Overall they had a great time and I loved watching them move like whirling dervishes.

I did not include and am often very hesitant to post other children’s images, keeping in mind some parents object to this sort of thing. However, I did manage to take this image which really emulates “Julian’s” personality. These shoes could not belong to anyone else; they say “Julian” all over them!

Good Night

I grabbed this image on a whim one night driving back from one of our many family obligations. This is proof that it pays to have your camera with you at all times. I know many people frown at the thought of lugging around a big SLR when not on an assignment, but really you never know what you will come across. I’m all for iphone cameras, because they are awesome, but nothing replaces an SLR.

This was taken at the tail end of “golden hour”, between the fact that I was losing light extremely quickly and the fact that i was on a busy road, it was quite challenging to capture well. So despite the column of honking cars behind me I set and composed my camera appropriately for this shot. What? It’s not like it wasn’t for a good reason, after all this is my photography we’re talking about!

Back to the Future

I work backwards. I have often done this in my life where I begin with the more complex aspect of something and work backwards to learn the more basic steps afterward. Crazy I know, but the situation I find myself in now is a microcosm of such an event. I began photography with the most advanced hardware I could afford. This, of course, was a digital SLR. I made the most of what I have and learned a great deal. I like to think that I hold my own in photography and  realize this is a life long effort of constant learning challenging and experimentation. To this end I am in the myths of taking on this new endeavor. I recently came into not one, but two film cameras. Actually they are medium format, one is a Yashica-A TLR (twin lens camera) the other a Voigtländer Bessa 66. Both are quit beautiful and use 120 film, which thankfully is still being produced. To my surprise when I received them both still had film in them. Eager to see what was on them I had them developed. One roll provided some nice images of a family from many years gone by. The other roll was returned to me stating “C22 process no longer done”! I was told this film processing hasn’t been done in over 30 years! Therefore the film must be at least this old :0. While I am still searching to have this roll developed elsewhere I want to attempt to use the cameras and see how I do with them. I realize this is the ultimate test of my photographic abilities. The primary difference being you can’t delete on film. Once it’s there, it’s there, if you were out of focus, that’s going to be your print! No post viewing here! Can’t wait to see how I do, future posts hopefully will have those images available to you all. In the meantime, meet the members of my new entourage.