SD Baby

While not the most exotic of destinations to many, visiting California has been one of my bucket list items for several years. San Diego specifically held my interest and when we were looking for a place to get away to recently I took the opportunity to cross it off my list. I became interested in SD by some friends which I have since lost touch with, but never lost sight of the impression they made on me with their stories of SD and Cali in general.

Of course as family vacations go we had to do the typical tourist things and visit SeaWorld and The San Diego Zoo, which were great. However, we stayed on Coronado to be away from downtown, which was a great choice! I highly recommend staying on the island as it was awesome and I wouldn’t mind going back just to hangout there. Beautiful little shops, cafes, and restaurants lined the streets. If it wasn’t that most places close around 9pm it would be fantastic. However, when you have Navy Seals running around I guess you need to shut it down early to avoid too much partying.

The stereotype about Californians is true, they are laid back and take it easy. Which is a complete opposite of what we are used to here in NYC. It was nice to slow down a little and the time change helped in that respect as well. We found ourselves “sleeping in” and waking up at 7am PST which was really 10am EST.

Despite some timeliness issues in arriving for our flights we had a wonderful time and thankfully the weather held up which was unexpected. I think we may visit again in the near future, hopefully for a bit longer.

The “O”

I know I have been gone for a little bit, but for good reason. I have been busy, with some wonderful clients! One of my favorite recent assignments is Olivia or “The big O” as I call her. Although she is teeny tiny she radiates a loving aura. She is brand new and is such a blessing to her family who has been waiting for her all their lives.

Olivia was a beautiful and calm subject and was very willing to be posed to create some wonderful images. Below are a few examples of the great images we were able to capture on this day.

She is a miracle and I only hope this is the beginning of helping her proud parents catalog her life.

Welcome to the world “O” you’re going to love it!