Jane’s Carousel


Trying to take advantage of some of the first warm days we’ve had recently my family and I took to Brooklyn Bridge Park. This has been one of our go to parks in the past few years. Especially since they opened the water area which is beautiful and often crowded. Nevertheless we had promised my daughter an opportunity to visit and being true to our word we followed through. A recent addition to the park is Jane’s Carousel. For those of you unfamiliar this carousel is an antique which used to be housed in a “conventional” building around the corner next to our favorite “Mr. Chocolate” Jacques Torres’ boutique on Water St. Having seen it at that time I often thought it was a very bad location. It seems someone has been looking into my brain and agreed with me. A magnificent structure was erected in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge to house the carousel, creating an incredible backdrop to anyone who visits. It is breathtaking to see in person and attracts many bridal parties for memorable images. If you are in the neighborhood take a minute to stop by, you will not be disappointed. Find out more about Jane’s Carousel here.

There’s Something on Your Back…

Oh, don’t worry it’s just a space shuttle! As most of the country knows recently the Space Shuttle Enterprise had a little runway, pun intended, time in NYC. While the Enterprise was not one of the shuttles actually launched into orbit it served as the prototype to other shuttles designs. On a beautiful brisk early Spring afternoon Enterprise piggybacked a ride to NYC where it flew up and down the Hudson river mounted on the back of a 747. Thankfully, I was able to secure a position on an outside deck with a clean line of sight to the flight path. It was impressive to see how close and deliberately the pilot was able to float by. Making two passes we were able to get a great look at this rare sight.

After giving us something to ooh and ahh about Enterprise landed at JFK International Airport. There it awaits its eventual voyage to its new home at the Intrepid Air and Space Museum. For information on when to see it up close and personal, please view this link.