Recital Time

It’s hard to believe this is my second year blogging. It has been so much fun, I did not even realize it until it dawned on me, this is my daughters second dance recital!

We are so proud of our little girl. She is so brave to get up in front of so many strangers and perform. It really comes across how confident she is and her abilities on stage. It’s a fascinating thing to see and it makes us look forward to what else she is going to accomplish.

There were many differences in this years presentation. Not only was the dance style completely different hip-hop versus ballet and tap, but we also switched dance schools. These changes obviously lead to a change in the recital location as well. A change for the, much better, I might add. Frank Sinatra High School hosted the event and I must say it is a stunning facility!

Sometimes parents try to discourage their kids from pursuing their dreams. Perhaps its because they do not believe it to be lucrative, or socially acceptable, or simply trying to protect their kid(s). I appreciate all these reasons, however I also realize that the ultimate goal in ones life is to be happy. Do what you love and you will be the happiest and richest person for it. I read that somewhere, but it is wholly true!

To my daughter I say dance, dance as if no one is watching, because if it makes you happy it will make the world a better place!

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