I hope all of you viewing this understand the image. However, for those of you that may be as stifled, as I was when hearing the news, we are expecting TWINS! I find it scary, strange, and exciting to even type that, WOW! My family and I have been waiting sometime to be able to announce this properly and I hope this image does it justice. We are diligently preparing for our very special arrivals and realize the amount of work and effort that will go into raising them as well as there big sister. But we are up to the challenge, and know we have an unbelievable support group on both sides of our immediate and extended families. Good thing to, because I am pretty sure we will need all of there assistance on this one. I try to keep in mind something I read recently which makes me feel better about the impending mayhem (forgive me for not remembering where I read this to give the appropriate credit):

Thank You For:

– A mortgage (because it means we have a roof over our heads)

– A messy home (because it means our life is full of activity)

– Dirty Dishes (because it means we ate today)

– Crying Babies (because it means we have a family)

These statements put things in perspective for me and the future doesn’t seem insurmountable, but exciting! Can’t wait to see where this ride takes us!