5000 Feet Above Sea Level

My family recently made our biennial trip to South America. We have adopted this sort of pilgrimage since my wife and I got married. This years trip came one year later than usual due to financial obligations, but we vowed not to miss the trip this year. Not much has changed since our last trip, which is not a bad thing. It feels like a home away from home. The hospitality in this part of the world is unparalleled and therefore you cannot help but feel comfortable and at ease. My family had the opportunity to stay much longer than I, which we hope will work in our favor when it comes to our daughter better absorbing our families history, culture, and language.

We scheduled our trip this year to coincide with the celebration of the ‘Feria de las Flores’, which is an annual attraction for many tourist around the world. There are countless exhibitions and celebrations ranging from the botanical gardens flower exhibition to the “tablados” (open air concerts) to the “Desfile de Silleteros” (‘silletero’ parade). The latter being the main event in this week long celebration. Mammoth  sized floral arrangements are strapped to human carriers (silleteros) and are strolled down a main street in the middle of Medellin.

Due to the condition of our family (one child in tow and two in the oven) we decided to forego most of the events to avoid the stifling crowds. However, we were able to see many of the floral exhibitions and feel the excitement in the city as Antioqueños were in very festive moods.

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