They’re Here!

We have been doubly infanticipating, as has been announced previously on this very site. After weeks of bedrest and preparing the abode for its new residents we finally had the opportunity to meet our honored guests!

The world needs to know it now has residents that will turn it on its head! Forget about the coriolis effect, it no longer exists, because my kids have set the world on a different axis thereby disrupting the very fabric of the universe. Wait… perhaps they just did that to our lives? Not sure as we continue to function in the fog and melding of one day into another. Truthfully, this is not the case I just figured I would write what everyone seems to already know about raising twins 😉 The fact of the matter is much like single newborns each set of multiples has their own personalities and manner of being.

Ours, to date, have been sent by the Holy Father himself as they have been sooooo good! Of course, we have our share of helping hands and to all of them we owe a debt of gratitude. However, overall our experience has been delightful. We can only hope this continues and possibly improves?! Maybe that’s asking for too much, but hey we’ll take all the help we can get.

In any case to the world we present our boys, I’m sure they’re going to be thanking me for these images when they are older! Don’t worry it will not be the first time I embarrass you guys, you’ll have plenty to speak to your therapist about. You’re Welcome.

Nzo LeoP.S. Big Shout out to the litany of nurses who were so unbelievably kind to us during our stay in the hospital. It was a pleasure to be hosted by you all, and we will be sure to share our experience with our friends and family!

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