New Perspective

So I didn´t properly reintroduce myself to everyone here. While I had been managing this and other blogs for some time, the past year has been a complete hiatus! Not by choice mind you. Our welcome twins have reeked havoc on our lives and we have had to go into survival mode, literally. The sleepless nights and blinding number of diapers and bottles took a toll on our entire family. We are still recovering, because by no means is it over, but at least we have a tiny bit more predictability and routine. I write that as I knock on my wood desk. The time has been really rough and what ever my wife and I thought we knew about raising children was tossed to the wind as these two came with a completely new set of rules. Nonetheless we love them and appreciate the humbling experience this past year has been. That said I share with you a new perspective on our family through my photography. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

This is Lorenzo/Nzo/Moreno.

DSC_8198 DSC_8202 DSC_8257

Reconciliation Day

Hi there! Remember me?

Although the twins have been dominating any and all free time we have had, we do still have other responsibilities. The most important being our beautiful daughter, who this year will be achieving some major milestones. Today she took the first step in the communion process, “Reconciliation.” This involves the very intimidating experience of confessing your sins to a catholic priest for the first time. As usual my baby girl was a rockstar and did not flinch at the whole experience. What a brave young lady you are! While most of my recent shoots have been of our boys, today I was very happy to have my daughter in front of the lens. Can’t wait to do this again, until then please enjoy these images.

reconciliation 1 DSC_8170