Start of a New Season


Spring marks the beginning of a new season in more ways than one. Baseball Season is here! For those of you that don’t know baseball is one of my biggest passions. I watch and listen to as many games as I possibly can fit into my crazy schedule. One of the rites of passion we have adopted in our family is a trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown New York. My wife and I have been making this pilgrimage since we were dating and are now happy to continue it with our children. Recently, I have heard peoples opinion of this trip to be considered “corny”, but my wife and I have always loved it. This year my daughter was old enough to participate in the scavenger hunt and was laser focused on completing it. She did and was provided a nice prize at the end of our tour. I highly recommend it for all families, not only for the museum and all of the history housed therein, but also for the awesome little town which revolves around baseball. Take a drive you’ll enjoy it.




Happy Easter

Recently I found myself in DUMBO to pick up some goodies from my wifes favorite chocolate shop. While walking around I ran into these installments in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The juxtaposition of the bright shiny yellow against the dark background and the drab weather we were having that day caught my eye. Bring On Spring! which is going to be such a welcome relief this year after a brutal Winter. Spring can’t get here soon enough…