2015 Review

I present you with my first ever year in review through images. As many of you, we have also had a very eventful year. Many of which have been captured through my lens, sensors, and phone. Photographically, I have made a significant change in equipment for my daily shooting. Relegating my full frame SLR to contract shoots only. My new “walking around camera” is now a mirrorless Fuji film XT1, which I must say is a more than formidable tool. This has trained my eye in a different way and has allowed me to capture many experiences which otherwise might have been detrimental to my SLR. Additionally, my phone has become more of a player in my daily photography.

I hope you enjoy this collection of 2015, and of course Happy New Year to all of you.


Happy Holidays

DSCF7313It’s the Merriest time of the year and to that end I am sharing one of my favorite images of 2015. I know most people are very stressed during this time of year, ourselves included! However, by now most of our gifts have been purchased and wrapped and we are in the process of putting the final touches on Christmas eve preparations. Cookie dough is being mixed and I am looking forward to seeing my kids’ faces on Christmas morning.

With that in mind our family wishes all of you a Happy Holiday Season and only the best for the upcoming year!