Appreciation of our culture and lineage is quite important to our family. In that vein, we do what we can to expose our children to our roots. This goal in mind we recently visited South America. Our daughter has had the pleasure of visiting previously, however for the boys this was a new experience. Luckily it seems as if they don’t really care where they are and will make themselves at home regardless.

Adjustments conquered, we decided to venture to a coastal town called Santa Marta. There we had the pleasure of beautiful accommodations and a trip to a secluded beach, where we had the best fish plate of our stay.

Similar experiences were instilled in my wife and I throughout our formative years. Having the chance to interact with extended family we don’t get many opportunities to see creates memories that will last a lifetime and help to shape our children’s perceptions and opinions of the world.

DSCF0481 DSCF0546 DSCF0655 DSCF0688 DSCF0743 DSCF0751 DSCF0765 DSCF0773DSCF1089



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