Machareimages is my first venture into the Blogging world. I am using this platform to communicate my photographic vision, style, and experiences. While I may from time to time represent my professional work here, I will be featuring my personal work more often than not. Machareimages will represent my varied interests in photography and my perspective of the world we occupy.

On a personal level I am a Nikon shooter, this is not a slight on any other camera manufacturer, I am fortunate to have had the ability to try several different brands of camera before settling on Nikon. I shoot Raw and edit in Lightroom, which I find to be the most user friendly combination. While I have been shooting for a few years I realize that photography is an ongoing constantly developing art form which needs to be tested and challenged on a constant basis to improve results.

I invite all of you to view my contributions. If you have any questions comments or criticisms, positive or otherwise, please do not hesitate in communicating them. The only way I will improve and impress you in the future is to learn from my mistakes.

Thank you for viewing my work I hope I earned your attention.

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