Bokeh: bōˈkā/ the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens.

Recently, I was playing with some lighting set-ups. I wanted to have the opportunity to re-create an effect I envisioned and finally got my hands on the resources to make it happen. Below you will see  images that represent Bokeh.
The lighting was tricky but a lot of fun to figure out all the settings. The background of the image is created with aluminum foil and a gelled flash a second light is used to illuminate the subject. This is certainly for the advanced photographer, but I hope to be able to apply it during events next wedding season.
The subject of the images happens to be my wifes engagement ring which has been the subject of other tests as well. Besides having the opportunity to use it at will it also invokes great sentimental attachment to the images.



New Perspective

So I didn´t properly reintroduce myself to everyone here. While I had been managing this and other blogs for some time, the past year has been a complete hiatus! Not by choice mind you. Our welcome twins have reeked havoc on our lives and we have had to go into survival mode, literally. The sleepless nights and blinding number of diapers and bottles took a toll on our entire family. We are still recovering, because by no means is it over, but at least we have a tiny bit more predictability and routine. I write that as I knock on my wood desk. The time has been really rough and what ever my wife and I thought we knew about raising children was tossed to the wind as these two came with a completely new set of rules. Nonetheless we love them and appreciate the humbling experience this past year has been. That said I share with you a new perspective on our family through my photography. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

This is Lorenzo/Nzo/Moreno.

DSC_8198 DSC_8202 DSC_8257

There’s Something on Your Back…

Oh, don’t worry it’s just a space shuttle! As most of the country knows recently the Space Shuttle Enterprise had a little runway, pun intended, time in NYC. While the Enterprise was not one of the shuttles actually launched into orbit it served as the prototype to other shuttles designs. On a beautiful brisk early Spring afternoon Enterprise piggybacked a ride to NYC where it flew up and down the Hudson river mounted on the back of a 747. Thankfully, I was able to secure a position on an outside deck with a clean line of sight to the flight path. It was impressive to see how close and deliberately the pilot was able to float by. Making two passes we were able to get a great look at this rare sight.

After giving us something to ooh and ahh about Enterprise landed at JFK International Airport. There it awaits its eventual voyage to its new home at the Intrepid Air and Space Museum. For information on when to see it up close and personal, please view this link.


Recently we had a visitor. My daughter had a “playdate” from a friend in her class whom she insists on calling by the wrong name. Not sure why, but even when we try to correct her she says no, I call her this! It’s close enough that we feel she now does it out of principal rather than malice. In any case, “Julian” as my daughter calls her is cute as a button and has a ton of energy. Her time with us was great especially watching both of them try to keep up with “Just Dance 3”. Neither fared very well and there were some disagreements as to what should be the next selection. Overall they had a great time and I loved watching them move like whirling dervishes.

I did not include and am often very hesitant to post other children’s images, keeping in mind some parents object to this sort of thing. However, I did manage to take this image which really emulates “Julian’s” personality. These shoes could not belong to anyone else; they say “Julian” all over them!


So it’s been several weeks since moving into our new home. While to a certain extent we are “moved in” we still have some emotional hurdles to overcome. It’s not easy to uproot your life no matter how far or near that move might take you. I realize now how emotional a change it really is, especially for kids. I guess this is one of the main reasons my parents didn’t do much of it.

Our belongings are now here and for the most part in their semi permanent locations, but we still have some details to work out. Of course there are still the ongoing projects that loom over our heads, every weekend we try to cross something else off the list. It does seem like an insurmountable list however! All the more reason to try to make it feel a little more normal and  customary for my family during this transitional period. I went ahead and purchased some flowers a few days ago. Flowers were pretty much a staple at our old place where they always seemed to bring life to the space no matter what kind they were.

I must admit when choosing colors for our home I did have my photography in mind and wanted to have a neutral background so many greys can be found in and around our place. I think in this image that background really helped to make the flowers and lamp pop.

Tulips don’t cost much but they do a world of good for the mind. Next time I’ll get daisies, it has been said they are the happiest flower. Not a bad feeling to evoke daily. Buy some flowers today for no other reason than they look and smell nice. Believe me you will notice the difference.

New Look


It’s the Holidays and I felt it was time to re-think my perspective on a lot of things. I have felt very uptight recently and now feel there is a weight off of my shoulders. This has affected my way of viewing my images as well. To this I have added a new variable LENSBABY!!! For those of you not familiar with Lensbaby, it basically isolates the subject of your image and distorts other portions of the image. Depending on your settings you can distort more or less of the image. This is the ultimate in new perspectives and I hope to do this wonderful invention justice. Out of the box I captured this image.

I hope you enjoy this and I am looking forward to applying this lens in many other aspects of my photography.

A sample of a portrait as well: