Happy Easter

Recently I found myself in DUMBO to pick up some goodies from my wifes favorite chocolate shop. While walking around I ran into these installments in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The juxtaposition of the bright shiny yellow against the dark background and the drab weather we were having that day caught my eye. Bring On Spring! which is going to be such a welcome relief this year after a brutal Winter. Spring can’t get here soon enough…


Jane’s Carousel


Trying to take advantage of some of the first warm days we’ve had recently my family and I took to Brooklyn Bridge Park. This has been one of our go to parks in the past few years. Especially since they opened the water area which is beautiful and often crowded. Nevertheless we had promised my daughter an opportunity to visit and being true to our word we followed through. A recent addition to the park is Jane’s Carousel. For those of you unfamiliar this carousel is an antique which used to be housed in a “conventional” building around the corner next to our favorite “Mr. Chocolate” Jacques Torres’ boutique on Water St. Having seen it at that time I often thought it was a very bad location. It seems someone has been looking into my brain and agreed with me. A magnificent structure was erected in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge to house the carousel, creating an incredible backdrop to anyone who visits. It is breathtaking to see in person and attracts many bridal parties for memorable images. If you are in the neighborhood take a minute to stop by, you will not be disappointed. Find out more about Jane’s Carousel here.

There’s Something on Your Back…

Oh, don’t worry it’s just a space shuttle! As most of the country knows recently the Space Shuttle Enterprise had a little runway, pun intended, time in NYC. While the Enterprise was not one of the shuttles actually launched into orbit it served as the prototype to other shuttles designs. On a beautiful brisk early Spring afternoon Enterprise piggybacked a ride to NYC where it flew up and down the Hudson river mounted on the back of a 747. Thankfully, I was able to secure a position on an outside deck with a clean line of sight to the flight path. It was impressive to see how close and deliberately the pilot was able to float by. Making two passes we were able to get a great look at this rare sight.

After giving us something to ooh and ahh about Enterprise landed at JFK International Airport. There it awaits its eventual voyage to its new home at the Intrepid Air and Space Museum. For information on when to see it up close and personal, please view this link.

Good Night

I grabbed this image on a whim one night driving back from one of our many family obligations. This is proof that it pays to have your camera with you at all times. I know many people frown at the thought of lugging around a big SLR when not on an assignment, but really you never know what you will come across. I’m all for iphone cameras, because they are awesome, but nothing replaces an SLR.

This was taken at the tail end of “golden hour”, between the fact that I was losing light extremely quickly and the fact that i was on a busy road, it was quite challenging to capture well. So despite the column of honking cars behind me I set and composed my camera appropriately for this shot. What? It’s not like it wasn’t for a good reason, after all this is my photography we’re talking about!

The City that Never Sleeps

I have been wanting to take this image for sometime now. Every-time I had a day off I said to myself, self, tomorrow morning we are going to shoot the skyline. Least to say there was always something that took precedence. Recently I finally found myself with the morning availability to actually get out there and take this image. Thankfully the weather, wild cold, was cooperative as well as the presence of the authorities, whom were non existent. This is due to them being very touchy about tripods and bla, bla, bla etc… Anyway it wasn’t an issue and turned out to be a very enjoyable morning especially after my blueberry muffin and Chai tea :).

I have an unhealthy obsession with NYC. While I have never lived in Manhattan proper, I find myself and my family spending inordinate amounts of time there. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but my wife and I feel we have one of the greatest cities at our disposal, let’s try to take advantage of it. This says nothing about the physical beauty that it is New York. I know some may argue with that last point, but you have to be able to appreciate having everything from old world charm to post modern representations in one city. Plus the fact our family are foodies and having 8,00 restaurants to choose from is always nice!

This skyline is iconic and represents many things to many people. To me it’s angular, reflects wonderful light and is a symbol of success and beauty. But beyond all other things it is a symbol of home, and wherever I am and whatever I’m doing it will always resonate with me.


Yes, I have neglected you. I had not realized how much until I checked the date of my last post :{. I have been searching for material and giving more attention to Fridayswoon, sorry about that. You are both equally important to me.

I was able to find some private shooting time recently when an unexpected few hours became available. Being in Brooklyn at the time I seized the opportunity and found some nice areas to explore. It seems we have been spending an inordinate amount of time in Brooklyn recently. Not that I am complaining it just seems to be unusual for us. However, I guess it is a good thing to explore new areas of the city and find great subjects in all surroundings. There were some surprises in this particular area of Redhook that left me wanting to bring my daughter with me next time to have a more formal shoot with her. I think she would enjoy learning about the piers also, she’s such a sponge! I am a NYC shooter at heart but you have to give credit where it is due and the rest of the boroughs have a lot to offer. In some cases it is a great view of NYC so you get the best of both worlds! Brooklyn has enjoyed a revitalizing in certain areas and it continues to spread therefore; there are many new and amazing areas to shoot. I look forward to finding more of these areas. I hope you enjoy these images in the mean time.


Bridge to a New Year

I have taken some time to reflect on this past year and realized a few things. While things recently have been quite trying 2011 held a lot of peaks and valleys for my family and myself, personally and professionally. While recently life has been complicated I also remember that there were so many other huge positives. I would rather delve on those instances than the recent events. I guess the feeling of turmoil was fanned by the marked changes in our lives. We bought a home this year, our daughter started school, I started not one but two blogs and have dedicated myself to maintaining those blogs. These are some of the highlights, obviously there can be a myriad of additional items placed on this list some good and some not so good. Overall, the year was tumultuous to say the least, very high peaks and very deep valleys. I am not complaining, because as the saying goes, “every day is a gift.” There are many analogies to life, the one I relate to is that life is like an amusement park. Some people like the Ferris wheel (because it just goes around), others like to go on the rollercoaster (which has many lifts and falls), which do you prefer? Personally, I prefer the rollercoaster; however that ride can be scary at times.

I cannot tell you what the upcoming year might have in store, maybe 2011 will serve as a catalyst for many other endeavors and accomplishments? All I can hope for is that we all make it through with as much life, well-being, and love as we have had this year. Let’s all be thankful for the air in our lungs, the food on our tables, and for how amazing it is to be alive right now!

To my entire viewership and all of those whom you may touch Happy Holidays and a Joyous Prosperous New Year!

My Favorite Time of Year

Christmas and New Year’s are my favorite holidays! I have been insanely busy in the past few weeks and have not felt “into it” at all. However, we are now finally settling into our new space and life has become manageable again. It is now time to sit back and enjoy this time of year for the beauty that it really is. I know most people think of this season as gifts and shopping etc. I prefer to think of it as the time when family and close friends come together to share some time. It seems extra special when you can gather during “The Holidays” for some reason. In our family it means getting dressed up (which I love), eating special food, some spirits, and late nights. As a kid the late nights were a real treat, today it’s more about the entire experience, especially since my daughter came along. Giving her some of the more traditional experiences has become a primary goal for my wife and I. Hopefully she remembers it when she grows into obnoxious adolescence. Personally, I love contributing to the foods and have begun to incorporate my take on the traditional dishes (psst.. some of these can be seen at fridayswoon.wordpress.com).

The image you have here is one that I feel embodies the feelings I have for the season. Everyday I am discovering more beautiful areas in our new neighborhood and this is another view I came across recently. Unfortunately, this is not the entrance to our home, but it is a great example of simple effective tasteful decoration. All too often people get wrapped up in the opulent and over doing the entire event. My opinion sometimes less is more folks, the Holidays don’t need to throw up on your home for people to know that you take the Holidays seriously. So to the tasteful person who decorated this building my hat is off to you and Happy Holidays!


As I mentioned on Fridayswoon.wordpress.com it has been a very eventful few weeks. My family and I purchased a new home and have moved in, well, kind of. Why kind of? I think I might need a whole day to fully explain that, but least to say we have had to deal with many restrictions and are doing our best to complete our transition. We haven’t had much time to explore our new surroundings but on a recent morning I found myself with 10 free minutes! Yay! Having my camera handy I decided to share an image of my new neighborhood. This post is called change because just as the season and the trees are changing so are our surroundings. Change is something to embrace and sometimes change can be as beautiful as these trees. We are all still acclimating but are sure it is the best move for us as a family. Hopefully now almost fully assimilated I can once again be consistent with my posts. Enjoy.