Appreciation of our culture and lineage is quite important to our family. In that vein, we do what we can to expose our children to our roots. This goal in mind we recently visited South America. Our daughter has had the pleasure of visiting previously, however for the boys this was a new experience. Luckily it seems as if they don’t really care where they are and will make themselves at home regardless.

Adjustments conquered, we decided to venture to a coastal town called Santa Marta. There we had the pleasure of beautiful accommodations and a trip to a secluded beach, where we had the best fish plate of our stay.

Similar experiences were instilled in my wife and I throughout our formative years. Having the chance to interact with extended family we don’t get many opportunities to see creates memories that will last a lifetime and help to shape our children’s perceptions and opinions of the world.

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Approximately a year ago, for several complicated reasons, cycling became part of my exercise routine. As a kid I remember being in separable from my bike and thought it befitting a try. Less than a year and not one, but two bikes, later it seems this was a long time in the making.
Seeking more than a commute or a weekend ride in the park, I registered for my first “century.” For those  unfamiliar with cycling terminology this means a 100 mile ride. However, this seemed too self-fulfilling, to make it more meaningful I found “bike to the beach,” a 100 mile ride from NYC to the Hamptons to raise money for autism research. Upon some friends hearing about my endeavor I was asked to partake in a second ride, raising money for juvenile diabetes “ride to Montauk,” however, this ride is 150 miles!
So I train. In comparison to what those afflicted with these conditions have to endure daily, this ride is cake, so I’m happy to do it.
If you care to assist me in fund-raising please feel free to click below for:

bike to the beach


ride to Montauk.

My trusty Fuji is pictured below while recently on vacation in South Carolina. Training doesn’t take a vacation.



Just before the end of humanity or the most recent snow storm, depending on who you ask (mom I’m looking at you). I had the opportunity to visit the MET with my daughter’s class. It was a great opportunity to share some time with her and her classmates and, of course, take in some of the best NYC has to offer. As is the norm my camera joined us and I managed to grab a few frames of George Washington crossing the Delaware. This iconic painting by Leutze is depicted quite often in publications and even movies, but until you view it in person you don’t understand its magnitude. Standing approximately 11′ x 22′ it towers over all other paintings we saw. It is massive and meticulously painted in oil. For those who have not had the opportunity to visit, I highly recommend it. While this was the main attraction of the class trip we also had the opportunity to view other works not directly related to the Revolutionary War but equally as interesting.

I have vowed to return to see at least some of what I missed on this trip.


Start of a New Season


Spring marks the beginning of a new season in more ways than one. Baseball Season is here! For those of you that don’t know baseball is one of my biggest passions. I watch and listen to as many games as I possibly can fit into my crazy schedule. One of the rites of passion we have adopted in our family is a trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown New York. My wife and I have been making this pilgrimage since we were dating and are now happy to continue it with our children. Recently, I have heard peoples opinion of this trip to be considered “corny”, but my wife and I have always loved it. This year my daughter was old enough to participate in the scavenger hunt and was laser focused on completing it. She did and was provided a nice prize at the end of our tour. I highly recommend it for all families, not only for the museum and all of the history housed therein, but also for the awesome little town which revolves around baseball. Take a drive you’ll enjoy it.




SD Baby

While not the most exotic of destinations to many, visiting California has been one of my bucket list items for several years. San Diego specifically held my interest and when we were looking for a place to get away to recently I took the opportunity to cross it off my list. I became interested in SD by some friends which I have since lost touch with, but never lost sight of the impression they made on me with their stories of SD and Cali in general.

Of course as family vacations go we had to do the typical tourist things and visit SeaWorld and The San Diego Zoo, which were great. However, we stayed on Coronado to be away from downtown, which was a great choice! I highly recommend staying on the island as it was awesome and I wouldn’t mind going back just to hangout there. Beautiful little shops, cafes, and restaurants lined the streets. If it wasn’t that most places close around 9pm it would be fantastic. However, when you have Navy Seals running around I guess you need to shut it down early to avoid too much partying.

The stereotype about Californians is true, they are laid back and take it easy. Which is a complete opposite of what we are used to here in NYC. It was nice to slow down a little and the time change helped in that respect as well. We found ourselves “sleeping in” and waking up at 7am PST which was really 10am EST.

Despite some timeliness issues in arriving for our flights we had a wonderful time and thankfully the weather held up which was unexpected. I think we may visit again in the near future, hopefully for a bit longer.

Lions and Tigers and Polar Bears?

On a recent Sunday my daughter and I had some alone time to visit the Bronx Zoo. It was one of those unusually warm days we have been experiencing here in the Northeast and we took advantage of it. I’m not sure if this little outing was more for her or me. However, it was nice to have a day where I was not making life altering decisions!

In any case my daughter was very focused on visiting the polar bears and I couldn’t understand why, but I pretty much allowed her to direct me on this day, so I didn’t object. Once we arrived at the viewing area I did inquire as to the motivation behind the visit. She told me that she promised mommy she would say hi to the polar bears because they are her (my wife’s) favorite and she had a prior engagement therefore, could not join us. I gave her a big hug and a kiss because I felt this was such a sweet gesture.Kids never cease to amaze!


Feature Presentation

I am very proud to announce after much waiting some of Machareimages photos have been chosen to be featured in a major retail store. These images will be placed in a prominent area of the retail store in question for all customers to view. I am so honored and thankful to those responsible for making this possible (Oscar pun intended). In all sincerity I am very happy some of my images were chosen for this honor. While I cannot mention the company’s name here suffice to say it is very well known and the images will have a significant amount of exposure. Please view the selected images below.


Recently my family and I had the opportunity to visit the newly inaugurated 911 Memorial. I feel very fortunate to be able to visit this hallowed ground so soon after being opened.

Overall, the feeling is as expected somber. However, I cannot help but feel the area is also very calming and, dare I say, suggests a new beginning. The overwhelming amount of water certainly supports that feeling. The architecture is stunning and does a great job of representing those lost as well as the new beginning which is apparent by the unfinished Freedom Tower.

I highly suggest a visit if you can obtain tickets, please visit the 911 Memorial website.

The Wish

These past couple of weeks has been filled with a lot of emotion for my family and I. There have been several milestones reached, including my daughters first day of school. I thought I would share this image with you as it is one of my favorites and evokes a lot of sentiment. I call it “The Wish”:

I often wonder what she is thinking. How does she feel? Does she think I’m a good Daddy? In this image however, I can only ask, what did she wish for? Was it a toy, a puppy, world peace? I might never know and that’s okay, because my wife and I instructed her not to tell anyone. It is her secret wish and should be held close to her heart.

While this secret desire might never be shared with me I do have a wish for my daughter. That is for her to love. Love everything you do, love the people you are with. Show your emotions when you deem it necessary, because you may not have another chance to do it. This life is very complicated, but much more enjoyable when you truly love. I am a person full of emotion and I know I am more interesting when I am capable of showing that emotion. Unfortunately, society often makes me stifle that side of my personality. I want my daughter to be stronger than I, and not have to withhold anything. It is true, emotion makes you vulnerable, but without failure there is no progress, without risk there is no reward and without love there is no life. This is my wish for my daughter, but this one is not a secret and as soon as I feel she can understand it I will share it with her!