2015 Review

I present you with my first ever year in review through images. As many of you, we have also had a very eventful year. Many of which have been captured through my lens, sensors, and phone. Photographically, I have made a significant change in equipment for my daily shooting. Relegating my full frame SLR to contract shoots only. My new “walking around camera” is now a mirrorless Fuji film XT1, which I must say is a more than formidable tool. This has trained my eye in a different way and has allowed me to capture many experiences which otherwise might have been detrimental to my SLR. Additionally, my phone has become more of a player in my daily photography.

I hope you enjoy this collection of 2015, and of course Happy New Year to all of you.



Happy Holidays

DSCF7313It’s the Merriest time of the year and to that end I am sharing one of my favorite images of 2015. I know most people are very stressed during this time of year, ourselves included! However, by now most of our gifts have been purchased and wrapped and we are in the process of putting the final touches on Christmas eve preparations. Cookie dough is being mixed and I am looking forward to seeing my kids’ faces on Christmas morning.

With that in mind our family wishes all of you a Happy Holiday Season and only the best for the upcoming year!

Last Call


The World series began tonight and for me this is always a time to focus on my favorite sport, baseball. This year however is a little different, not because my omnipresent team is not participating, but because I know there will be forever someone missing from this event in the future. Allow me to digress…

My daughter called me out on an experience that we were supposed to have and failed to during the summer. We were supposed to see Derek Jeter play for one last time. Realizing my failure I quickly dashed to the computer in a desperate attempt to see if I could redeem myself. Luckily the Yankees were playing a weekday game and it coincided with a short day respectfully at school and work for my daughter and I. Without hesitation I purchased the tickets to give my daughter the opportunity to say she watched Derek Jeter play in one of his last games ever at Yankee Stadium. I realize this probably means more to me now than it does to her, but one day she will remember and one day she will tell her children and her friends about our afternoon together watching a legend do what he did best and enjoying every minute of it!



Thanks Derek, for the memories, the championships, but most of all for being a Yankee!

Communion Part Deux


As previously mentioned we recently finished celebrating our daughters First Holy Communion. Due to scheduling concerns, as well as sanity concerns, we opted to schedule the celebration portion of the sacrament separate from the ceremony. On a side note this was a brilliant idea! The additional time between events allowed us to properly plan and execute both events which turned out beautifully!!!! It’s a special time when you can impress yourself! That’s enough gloating, the important part of this celebration was that our daughter was happy and enjoyed herself, which is an understatement. As she stated to me “this is the best day of my life”! That made everything worth it. Please enjoy a very special screening of our movie “Faith” which premiered during the party. Special thanks to all those who assisted in making these events what they were: Tosca Marquee (venue), OmarLopez Photography (event photography and photobooth), Annie Cakes (self explanatory), and HUGE extra special shout out to my good friend Jeannette Sears for helping to make my vision come true in “Faith”. Enjoy!







One of our families biggest events this year is our daughters First Holy Communion! She has been preparing for this for two years and finally the time has come to actually publicly share in receiving the Eucharist. For a Roman Catholic Family this is a very special time and one to be celebrated. However, first comes the ceremony, and in our case, shortly thereafter the actual celebration. We are incredibly proud of our daughter for taking such a vested interest and genuinely learning about what it means to receive the body and blood of Christ. We hope it will continue to be an important part of her life, as it has been in ours. Now let’s party!



Start of a New Season


Spring marks the beginning of a new season in more ways than one. Baseball Season is here! For those of you that don’t know baseball is one of my biggest passions. I watch and listen to as many games as I possibly can fit into my crazy schedule. One of the rites of passion we have adopted in our family is a trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown New York. My wife and I have been making this pilgrimage since we were dating and are now happy to continue it with our children. Recently, I have heard peoples opinion of this trip to be considered “corny”, but my wife and I have always loved it. This year my daughter was old enough to participate in the scavenger hunt and was laser focused on completing it. She did and was provided a nice prize at the end of our tour. I highly recommend it for all families, not only for the museum and all of the history housed therein, but also for the awesome little town which revolves around baseball. Take a drive you’ll enjoy it.




Happy Easter

Recently I found myself in DUMBO to pick up some goodies from my wifes favorite chocolate shop. While walking around I ran into these installments in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The juxtaposition of the bright shiny yellow against the dark background and the drab weather we were having that day caught my eye. Bring On Spring! which is going to be such a welcome relief this year after a brutal Winter. Spring can’t get here soon enough…


New Perspective

So I didn´t properly reintroduce myself to everyone here. While I had been managing this and other blogs for some time, the past year has been a complete hiatus! Not by choice mind you. Our welcome twins have reeked havoc on our lives and we have had to go into survival mode, literally. The sleepless nights and blinding number of diapers and bottles took a toll on our entire family. We are still recovering, because by no means is it over, but at least we have a tiny bit more predictability and routine. I write that as I knock on my wood desk. The time has been really rough and what ever my wife and I thought we knew about raising children was tossed to the wind as these two came with a completely new set of rules. Nonetheless we love them and appreciate the humbling experience this past year has been. That said I share with you a new perspective on our family through my photography. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

This is Lorenzo/Nzo/Moreno.

DSC_8198 DSC_8202 DSC_8257

Reconciliation Day

Hi there! Remember me?

Although the twins have been dominating any and all free time we have had, we do still have other responsibilities. The most important being our beautiful daughter, who this year will be achieving some major milestones. Today she took the first step in the communion process, “Reconciliation.” This involves the very intimidating experience of confessing your sins to a catholic priest for the first time. As usual my baby girl was a rockstar and did not flinch at the whole experience. What a brave young lady you are! While most of my recent shoots have been of our boys, today I was very happy to have my daughter in front of the lens. Can’t wait to do this again, until then please enjoy these images.

reconciliation 1 DSC_8170