Maternity Session


As you have been previously informed my family is expecting once again and we have been inordinately busy trying to get everything ready (thus the short hiatus from posting) . One of the tasks I most certainly wanted to accomplish was having a maternity session with my wife. We finally found 35 seconds (slight exaggeration ;)) to make this happen and set out on our quest. Conservatory Gardens has long been my ideal setting for this shoot and I was very resistant to change. It’s an amazing space and as long as you aren’t wearing a wedding dress you don’t need a permit!

My wife looks amazing considering she is carrying a pair and overall has been handling this monumental task very well, I’m so proud of her.
We are very excited and nervous about the new members of our family. I can’t wait to share their first formal shoot, in utero with them and to have them post utero in front of my lens. Can’t wait to meet you guys!