Just before the end of humanity or the most recent snow storm, depending on who you ask (mom I’m looking at you). I had the opportunity to visit the MET with my daughter’s class. It was a great opportunity to share some time with her and her classmates and, of course, take in some of the best NYC has to offer. As is the norm my camera joined us and I managed to grab a few frames of George Washington crossing the Delaware. This iconic painting by Leutze is depicted quite often in publications and even movies, but until you view it in person you don’t understand its magnitude. Standing approximately 11′ x 22′ it towers over all other paintings we saw. It is massive and meticulously painted in oil. For those who have not had the opportunity to visit, I highly recommend it. While this was the main attraction of the class trip we also had the opportunity to view other works not directly related to the Revolutionary War but equally as interesting.

I have vowed to return to see at least some of what I missed on this trip.