Approximately a year ago, for several complicated reasons, cycling became part of my exercise routine. As a kid I remember being in separable from my bike and thought it befitting a try. Less than a year and not one, but two bikes, later it seems this was a long time in the making.
Seeking more than a commute or a weekend ride in the park, I registered for my first “century.” For those  unfamiliar with cycling terminology this means a 100 mile ride. However, this seemed too self-fulfilling, to make it more meaningful I found “bike to the beach,” a 100 mile ride from NYC to the Hamptons to raise money for autism research. Upon some friends hearing about my endeavor I was asked to partake in a second ride, raising money for juvenile diabetes “ride to Montauk,” however, this ride is 150 miles!
So I train. In comparison to what those afflicted with these conditions have to endure daily, this ride is cake, so I’m happy to do it.
If you care to assist me in fund-raising please feel free to click below for:

bike to the beach


ride to Montauk.

My trusty Fuji is pictured below while recently on vacation in South Carolina. Training doesn’t take a vacation.



Just before the end of humanity or the most recent snow storm, depending on who you ask (mom I’m looking at you). I had the opportunity to visit the MET with my daughter’s class. It was a great opportunity to share some time with her and her classmates and, of course, take in some of the best NYC has to offer. As is the norm my camera joined us and I managed to grab a few frames of George Washington crossing the Delaware. This iconic painting by Leutze is depicted quite often in publications and even movies, but until you view it in person you don’t understand its magnitude. Standing approximately 11′ x 22′ it towers over all other paintings we saw. It is massive and meticulously painted in oil. For those who have not had the opportunity to visit, I highly recommend it. While this was the main attraction of the class trip we also had the opportunity to view other works not directly related to the Revolutionary War but equally as interesting.

I have vowed to return to see at least some of what I missed on this trip.


Cynthia Ross Affairs

When Cindy contacted me to help in the updating of her website I was ecstatic. Having worked with her in the past and knowing her personality I knew that we would have a great time, I was right. Cindy was willing to give into my vision for her and I think it paid off big. We had a great, albeit chilly, afternoon in the Meatpacking District of NYC. We made the most of the day and were able to obtain some wonderful results. Cindy was her usual accommodating self and therefore it made the shoot all the more rewarding and pleasurable. Thank you so much for being a great subject and so photogenic Cindy. I know you will love your images and I am sure they will enhance your updated site.

Cynthia Ross Affairs has been extraordinary at planning events over the past several years. Cindy’s company manages all facets of events and does it with the most courteous of manners. I highly recommend her and her company to anyone looking for an event planner. Please visit her site at