Last Call


The World series began tonight and for me this is always a time to focus on my favorite sport, baseball. This year however is a little different, not because my omnipresent team is not participating, but because I know there will be forever someone missing from this event in the future. Allow me to digress…

My daughter called me out on an experience that we were supposed to have and failed to during the summer. We were supposed to see Derek Jeter play for one last time. Realizing my failure I quickly dashed to the computer in a desperate attempt to see if I could redeem myself. Luckily the Yankees were playing a weekday game and it coincided with a short day respectfully at school and work for my daughter and I. Without hesitation I purchased the tickets to give my daughter the opportunity to say she watched Derek Jeter play in one of his last games ever at Yankee Stadium. I realize this probably means more to me now than it does to her, but one day she will remember and one day she will tell her children and her friends about our afternoon together watching a legend do what he did best and enjoying every minute of it!



Thanks Derek, for the memories, the championships, but most of all for being a Yankee!



I remember being in school and treasuring that last day of school. This has now become a very real goal for my family. This was my daughters first year in a “real” school and she was very excited to complete her academic goal. I might add she did so in impressive fashion, with a very strong report card. Great job Baby! While I would love to gush over how well my daughter did and how impressed I am with her, this post is more about celebrating the completion of an academic year and saying thank you. I have been thinking of ways to celebrate this by gifting my daughters teacher with something nice. I did not want to go the route of a gift card (impersonal) or traditional flowers (dead in a week). So I turned to my new found buddy Pinterest! Whoa, it is true, you cannot just checkout Pinterest. It is a black-hole you will not reemerge from anytime soon. But low and behold I found what I was looking for!

Crafting has always been an interest of mine and I have been trying to instill this in my daughter. I prefer she be more creative and think of alternative ways of accomplishing things rather than simply clicking or going to the store to purchase something. Also, I think it is much more meaningful to someone when they see you put time and effort into making something rather than running out and purchasing it, right?

To my daughters teacher,

You have been the first true introduction to academia my daughter has had, we trust in the school system and that they provide a capable educator to guide and mold our child for the future. Believe me when I say we have had nothing but great things to say about you and how you have guided our child. We have made our commitment to her education and it seems you have done your part as well. My daughter is better for knowing you and for that I thank you. I can only pray this experience cements her interest in future academic endeavors.

We realize at times your job may be a thankless one, therefore we wanted to take the time to show our appreciation.

Enjoy your summer with your family and once again, Thank You!